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SPS Fire and Safety specializes in range of Fire and Safety needs of buildings and businesses, some of which are: fire equipment maintenance, fire audits, emergency evacuation plans, fire consulting, fire training etc. We provide (sell, install, service etc) of simple equipment like fire extinguishers, emergency exit lights, hose reels etc to complex systems like fire hydrant, fire detection and alarm systems, fire engineered solution etc. We have many years of experience with networking and building team within and outside our business. Our stakeholders have earned trust with their hard work and the care they have shown towards their clients. We provide high quality of work to all of our clients. SPS Fire and Safety is considered to be very innovative in the fire safety and emergency management solutions for different industry, offering a various range of consulting services, education programs and fire safety training packages.

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SPS Fire And Safety offers a top quality fire products that gives you a powerful defence against fire. We also offer fire safety training,  evacuation plans  and a full range of fire protection services.

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