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Professional Fire Safety Service

SPS Fire and Safety provide comprehensive fire protection service solutions in Fire Equipment installation and maintenance, Fire Safety Management solutions, Emergency Evacuation Plans, Fire Safety Training etc. Our Services are compliant within Australian Standards Codes, and complies with Work Cover, OH & S, and local Council Ordinances, Building Codes and specifications. SPS provides high quality and personalized customer service and simplifies unnecessary complications of fire compliance issues. We make sure to adhere to the recommended industry guidelines in a cost effective way.


Australian owned and operated business

SPS services is fully Australian owned and operated business. SPS services offers a comprehensive range of fire fighting products to ensure your business is free from fire dangers and will give you the right fire protection services  for you and your property. SPS services reduce all unnecessary overheads and middlemen expenses and concentrates on knowledge of compliance, marketing and economy of scale.

Mission and Vision

“ We provide just right design, make it economic for the client and still compliant, NO OVERKILL !!!”

We have many years of experience building a solid network. Our SPS team, brand and stakeholders have significant trust in the industry. We provide high quality of work to all of our clients. We provide fire system maintenance to make sure our systems work efficiently.
Talk with our friendly consultant at SPS Fire and Safety to discuss your needs. Give us a call at 1800 799 147 today.  Our customer service is open Monday to Friday 8AM–5 Pm   


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