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Fire Safety

Annual Fire Safety Assessment

Comprehensive fire safety assessment for your building


Annual Fire Safety Statement is a statement produced for and signed by the building owner or owner’s representative based on the fire safety audit carried out by the qualified fire safety auditor/assessor of the building. It is to be ensured that all performance defects raised in the report by the assessor is rectified before submitting the signed document to the council and a copy to NSW Fire and Rescue. SPS Fire And Safety is here to help with the process. We specialize in the process of AFSS audit to help our client base to meet this need on annual basis.

The following essential measures can be assessed as part of the audit:

Access Panels Fire Hydrant Systems Portable Fire Extinguishers
Automatic Fail Safe Devices Fire Seals Required Automatic Exit Doors
Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm System Fire Shutters Safety Curtains and Proscenium Openings
Automatic Fire Suppression System Fire Windows Smoke and Heat Vents
Booster Pumps Hose Reel Systems Smoke Detectors and Heat Detectors
Emergency Evacuation Lighting Light Weight Construction Smoke Doors
EWIS Mechanical Air Handling Systems Solid Core Doors
Fire Alarm Communication Link Occupant Warning Systems Wall wetting and sprinkler system
Fire Control Centres and Rooms Path of Travels, Stairways and ramps Warning and operational signs
Fire Doors Perimeter Vehicle Access Emergency Evacuation Plans and procedures

Fire Certificate or Fire Safety Certificate

Fire certification is a process of issuing a compliance certification which states that all design defects or performance defects that have been acted upon. Once rectified by the relevant provider, they certify that the work has been carried out and rectified, upgraded, installed, repaired etc as per the relevant standard prescribed in the Fire Safety Schedule for the building as required by council.

SPS Engineer can organize, all necessary upgrade works and monitor projects closely and certify them at the end of completion.


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