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05 October, 2018


Fire evacuation drill, as it is generally known, is simply put, a method of practicing or rather rehearsing how actually a building would be evacuated in the unfortunate event of fires or other emergencies. In most of the case, the drill includes actual application of all available fire safety measures, say fire alarm for a start, and it is acted upon as an actual hour of emergency. Typically, the evacuation is timed to be as fast as it could be to limit the loss of life and property to its minimum level possible. Similarly, in such practice, any problems with the existing emergency system or evacuation procedure can be identified and hence rectified; helping these to perform at their best when called upon.

A much relatable concept to the same would be the act of practicing wedding rehearsal common in some cultures. You actually put up the whole attire, all your important attendees stay present and you put into act everything just as they would be done at the wedding itself. This ensures you have everything put up in order the day you would want to remember the rest of your lives. On the same note, consider how important the lives of your acquaintances, colleagues or simply other humans in a broader perspective. Therefore, as important it is to make memories about them on your special day, it is equally important if not more to held up fire evacuation drills such that any lurking threat of fire can be tackled in the best way possible.

Though everyone wishes to avoid any sort of danger, still you will have to encounter different dangers throughout your life, and fire encounters are more usual than you would expect them to be. With this current age of technology, many of us are actually more conscious than we would have been 5 years prior to today. We know about the uses of fire extinguishers, emergency evacuation procedures and even we would even have the provision of fire alarms and smoke detectors in our homes and offices. But just mere setting up of these measures doesn’t necessarily mean that we have all our bases covered as opposed to protection against the constant threat of fire. Accordingly the need of fire drills is prominent which can be further enumerated as follows:

  1. In the event of serious and imminent danger, it’s vital that everyone knows what to do and where to go. After all, its people’s lives that are at stake.
  2. Family members or employees can be familiarized with the sound of the alarm, the location of emergency routes and the assembly point, and any other fire safety procedures.
  3. The areas where the alarm might not be clear or lack of emergency communication systems in the premises of your building, can be identified.
  4. All emergency routes can be ensured to be free from obstructions and to be effective in practice.
  5. Actual testing of applied fire arrangements can be done for people with disabilities.
  6. The speed and efficiency of evacuation procedures can be assessed.
  7. As of the state’s requirements to carry out fire safety drills; compliance can be ensured.

With the notes presented above, it should be clear on why one ought to deploy fire evacuation drills. It is obvious for us to have a better insight at what fire drills are meant for. But as important it is to conduct a fire drill, it is actually better if we could held it the efficient way it is meant to be. Basically, just doing for the sake of doing, and acting for fruitful results are different things. Hence, some points that can be of consideration while a fire drill is conducted are listed here below.

Maintaining secrecy about the drill:

It is important that the sense of urgency remains within the participants of the drill, so that they are actually involved in the drill as if they would in an fire emergency; eliminating any form of recklessness and negligence. However, the general public could be notified of the drill so as to avoid any panic.

Use of different routes:

Different routes could be explored as we have the cushion of not having an actual fire emergency at hand and actually afford deciding what the best of the routes would be. This also allows us to designate a particular best route upon time of emergency after all viable options are tested.

Taking up the feedback at the final assemblage point:

At the end of the drill, if anyone is found unaccounted for, it should be learned so as to why, whether they took a slower route, or didn’t hear the alarm even. All and all it is to be known if anybody came across any issues regarding the emergency evacuation procedures, which need to be rectified in case of any.

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