Fire extinguisher for home use

Fire extinguisher for home use

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30 May, 2015

Fire Extinguisher Installation

There are different kinds of fire extinguisher for different kind of fire, so we always have to check the extinguisher before installing them or we have to consult the fire agent who provides  fire installation services.

Some fire extinguishers are  designated for multiple classes, which makes them suitable for a wider range of fires that includes ABE  types of fire extinguishers, which handle fires throughout wood, textiles, rubber, plastics and paper, petrol, oil, paint, petrol stations, cars, computers, toasters, fuse boxes, live electrical appliances etc.

Tips of using fire extinguisher

  • If you are well trained to use extinguisher, then only you can use fire extinguisher to operate safely
  • Do not use to extinguisher unless you have a safe exit behind you, so that you wont block the exit
  • Do not use a fire extinguisher to  fires for which it is not designated, always choose allocated fire extinguisher.

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