Importance of Fire Compliance Testing

Importance of Fire Compliance Testing

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11 September, 2018

Well more often than not, you would catch up with anyone and would almost in an instant get involved relating to any form of sport. There is no point arguing which sport will be the first to be brought up but let’s take up cricket for an example. If you do follow cricket you do know how well equipped a batsman is before he actually enters the field even. With all of his thigh and wrist pads, followed by helmets and gloves, etc. he is all prepped up to face any fierce ball the bowler is willing to ball. Still it is not uncommon for you to hear of batsman fracturing his finger despite all of this. Even worse than this news was the event on 25TH of November 2014, when Australian batsman Philip Hughes was hit on the neck by a bouncer, resulting in an internal hemorrhage which finally became his cause of untimely death.

This misfortune doesn’t necessarily have to mean you start stop playing cricket or from a broader perspective remain scared your entire life of doing anything. It is just to illustrate that never mind all of your efforts sometimes you can’t avoid them. Definitely protection and prevention go hand in hand but how better your prevention actually is. You will have to encounter different dangers throughout your life, and fire encounters are more usual than you would expect them to be. With this current age of technology, many of you would be actually more conscious than one would be 5 years prior to now. You know about the uses of fire extinguishers, emergency evacuation procedures and even you would even go as far as including fire alarms and smoke detectors in our home and office. But does mere setting up of these measures mean you have all your bases covered as opposed to protection against the constant threat of fire.

Well these measures can only be held accountable once you have completed the Fire Compliance Testing. Fire compliance testing, in a simple way, is the process of the overall fulfillment of all required fire protection measures under recommended standards bound by the local authorities or even the state legislature. As required by the law itself, it deals with regular servicing of your fire equipment and necessary tweaks regarding the same if any is needed, that ensures that it is ready to perform in its full capacity in the event of any fire emergency. The whole process includes service inspection, testing, prevention and reactive maintenance, as well as survey and certification. It also plans, inspects and reports fire equipment and ensures that fire equipment testing and maintenance is carried out in accordance with required obligations and relevant standards, finally which enables documentation necessary to providing the Annual Fire Safety Statement.

Depending upon the equipment installed in your property, fire services need to be inspected and tested on a regular basis. Most properties require at least 2 inspections per year, once every 6 months. The Biannual (6 monthly) inspection does not require a certificate for Council, but is a required inspection under the Australian Standards as it forms part of the whole annual certification process that finally assures the optimum safety. Whatever sort if protection you might employ if it doesn’t deliver when times comes to save a life, any effort you might have put up counts no good.

Take a fire extinguisher for instance. The use of a fire extinguisher depends upon the type of fire. It also has an expiry date considering the chemicals used in it while a different form would require a refill. When a compliance testing is done, all of such updates and required changes are well taken care of. All of your other systems require similar addressing of their problems and only proper resolving those issues can help them sere their actual purposes.

Efficient functionality is as important as actual installation of these protective measures. This issue of yours will be properly resolved at SPS Services. All our technicians at SPS are qualified personnel who can regularly test and audit your system and equipment to ensure it is in full working order and that it complies with all regional industry standards and government regulations. This will enable us to provide an Annual Fire Safety Statement, which is enforced by National Fire Council. We assure you at the end of the testing, you can have the deserved peace of mind regarding fire safety protection. Contact us today if you have any question regarding emergency fire procedures; call us today at 1800 799 147. You may also email us at