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Competent fire safety practitioner in sydney

Asseeements for relevant fire safety systems

The NSW Government has recently made changes to improve fire safety in new and existing buildings effective from 1 October 2017. The newly introduced term competent fire safety practitioner is active since October 2017. The regulations also requires building owners to verify that their building meets the fire safety obligations by issuing Annual fire safety statement.

As fire can happen anywhere anytime, owners of the building must ensure that all the equipment in the building or on the site are in the correct form and ready to use at the time of emergency. We have sufficient skills, knowledge and experience to assess the specific inspections.

We do the routine inspection of Fire Extinguishers, Emergency exit lights, Fire doors, Smoke alarms, Fire indication panels, Fire Hydrants, Hose reels, Sprinkler system, Drencher system, Occupants warning system, Fire detection and alarm system,  etc. and report you with suggestions if needed. We prepare Annual Fire Safety statement on request.

The BCA sets the standards to which the safety systems have to be designed, constructed and installed. Different expertise is required in a design to comply with the BCA for each type of system. We have sufficient technical knowledge to deal with the specific standards set by the BCA.

We do have the knowledge of relevant codes and standards. How can you help us? By providing us with construction plans and drawings, our qualified team visits the site and plans the equipment needed as per the site. With our knowledge and experience, an evacuation diagram is made with all the relative equipment provided to comply with the BCA.

After various assessments of the fire measures, annual fire safety statement is issued. Copies of these statements must be sent to council and Fire and Rescue NSW.


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