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Emergency Evacuation Plan

Emergency Evacuation Diagrams and Plans

Evacuation plans for your building and workplace

Emergency evacuation plans is not just about how well you know your building and not just about how you evacuate and whether you know how to evacuate safely, it is also about knowing what to do in emergency, how to help others evacuate safely, where to assemble. No matter where you live, the risk for fire disaster is always around us. Developing proper emergency evacuation plan can save your time and stress in an emergency.

The most commonly adopted standard for Emergency Evacuation Plans is Australian Standard AS3745-2010. Technically it is also called as Evacuation Diagram. An emergency plan must be maintained and implemented by the person conducting a business or undertaking  for the workplace.

Before 2014, this standard was rewritten in 2010 when there were lot of changes made.  We still see evidences on site where the diagrams have not been updated from prior to 2010 and they can all be deemed as non-compliant.

Do you have Emergency Procedure Manual for your business premises? Are you aware that having an Emergency Procedure Manual For your business premises is mandatory? It is absolutely important to have an emergency evacuation plans in place to ensure safe and orderly evacuation of occupants in the building. In emergency situation where your instincts and logics don’t work, evacuation plan and training will help you save your and others’ life too.

Emergency procedures includes:

We can also provide you with compliant, cost effective and simplified Emergency Procedure Manual for your business place.

SPS Engineers Pty Ltd can offer you with the concisely worked out evacuation plan to suit your needs. We will also provide you with other related consultation to enhance your knowledge and understanding. This is not just about fulfilling the responsibilities but also duty of care for the occupant of your building.


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