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Emergency Light

Emergency lighting and exit signs  requirement

Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting standards in Australia

Emergency lighting and Exit Signs help occupant evacuate the building in the event of fire. Emergency light and illuminated exit signs are backed up by battery back up and are supposed to illuminate for 90 minutes in the event of mains failure which is quite likely to happen when there is fire.

90 minutes is assumed to be sufficient time for occupant to escape out of the building provided the untenable condition is not reached in the path of travel or inside the building where occupant are trapped or held up within that time.

As part of the standard for inspection, testing and commissioning, the mains failure is simulated by turning the circuit off and each light is tested for the required amount of time and determined whether they do or do not pass the criteria.

Apart from routine inspection and testing of lights, it is vital to ensure that the design requirements are met that complies to the local legislation and as required by the council schedule.


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