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Fire Training

Fire safety and emergency fire training

Fire Safety Training in the Workplace

There are different aspects to fire training. According to WH&S legislation mandates this fire safety training requirement to the person conducting business or undertaking a work place. Fire training is mandatory by law to ensure the safety of every person in the building in case of emergency situation. SPS Fire And Safety provides wide range of fire training in sydney , fire safety training, fire warden training, fire extinguisher training and ECO (Emergency Control Organization) needs required by your organization.

For many types of corporations and government agencies fire training is mandatory. Fire training systems of all types are advantageous when they are implemented correctly in the workplace or health care facilities. It is important for employers to make sure that the their employees are trained well enough.

It is important for employers to make sure that the their employees are trained well enough at least to the level required by the local legislation. It is important for you to know what type of fire extinguishers are to be used for what classes of fire.

SPS Fire And Safety will help you meet your fire safety goals with our training courses. Our fire training services are conducted by some of our most qualified staff who are experienced in this area.

We understand the need to protect your property and your employees when fire incidents arise. But we also believe that proper knowledge to control such instances is highly necessary. More than complying with the safety standards imposed by authorities, fire training gives you the confidence that your employees know what to do during fire emergencies.


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