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Fire protection installations and routine maintenance on your building

Fire Protection service is a challenge for Fire Protection Companies these days. This is primarily because the scope is so wide that it is difficult for an account manager to manage a client with varied fire service needs. SPS Fire And Safety has addressed to this problem by offering Fire Engineer as the person in charge of your account, someone who has knowledge about what responsibilities you have in your organization or building you manage.

Fire Service is a routine requirement. Australian standard AS1851 has prescribed all fire equipment and component to be routinely inspected, tested and maintained. The frequency of inspection and testing starts from weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual. There are also other higher routines to be carried out at three yearly, five yearly, or 24 yearly intervals.

In order to make sure that the system works when needed, it is highly recommended that the maintenance of the systems be carried out at regular and prescribed intervals. SPS Fire And Safety can organize the routine maintenance of your fire protection service and also account manages your needs during the life of the service contract.